8.88% dynamic fee

100 XTZ minimum delegation

888 XTZ

Delegation Address: tz1WBfwbT66FC6BTLexc2BoyCCBM9LG7pnVW

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Delegation Details

Fee and Payouts

8.88% dynamic fee

Payouts each cycle after rewards are unfrozen. First payout happens typically 12 cycles after delegation.

The minimum payout is 0.1 XTZ. Earnings below the minimum payout will accrue until reaching the minimum payout threshold.

Delegation Minimum

100 XTZ

Delegations of less than 100 XTZ are ignored when calculating reward distribution and will receive no payouts.

Overdelegation Policy

Overdelegation reduces ROI for every eligible address (see delegation minimum above). All eligible addresses will share  dynamic rewards. If overdelegation reduces ROI to an unsatisfactory level, switching delegation is advised.